Wheels 4 Health – Motorcycle Tours for Children’s Cancer Research

In 2021, Nico Stockmayer’s pet project of collecting donations for experimental Oncology at the Helios Children’s Hospital in Schwerin with his motorcycle trips is already entering its fifth year. By now, his partner Jennifer Monzel has also obtained her motorcycle license and is collecting kilometers. Every kilometer helps raise funds to support the Helios Children’s Hospital in Schwerin in its research of childhood cancer. Here, you can find out how you can help and what the project is about: www.wheels4health.de

Time to take a look at the last tour in 2020:

We, that’s Nico and Jenny, were able to start our first tour together last year. There was a lot of uncertainty before the start of the tour: When can we drive? Where can we go? And how will transit conditions change during the tour?
What we did know: We would go, and we would be optimally supplied with travellunch!

After many unplanned and time-consuming events, we started early on September 16, 2020, from the Rhein-Sieg district heading south. Our first stopover was supposed to be in the Black Forest. On the next day, we continued to Switzerland near Lucerne. There, we finally determined our destination: Sardinia! We booked the ferry the same evening, and on the next day we drove on crossing the first five passes, Gabelpass – Brünigpass – Grimsel – Furka and Gotthardt, to Italy/Bellinzona. Curves upon curves and the landscape changed visibly.

From Genoa we took the ferry to Olbia. There, we explored the island in almost 2 weeks in all directions. We had our motto: “Monte e Mare”. On one side of the road, we had rugged mountains and on the other the sea. So we drove curve after curve across the island.
We slept right by the sea under the clear starry sky, enveloped in salty sea air. We drove through strong mistral winds and rain. We stopped for coffee in small mountain villages, found a hidden mysterious waterfall and repeatedly saw wild horses in the mountains. The island offers so many beautiful sides and no day was like the one before. In the end, 5,519km came together.

Well supplied with cereals, hot dishes, and desserts from travellunch traveling is just more fun. We had only the most necessary luggage with us, but we had enough food on board.

We will long remember the hospitality, the beautiful landscapes, and the smell of pine trees. That is what we connect with our 2020 tour to Sardinia. The time on the island was simply much too short to have seen everything. Therefore, we will return. And what could be better than to make another stop in Switzerland and to visit the places in Italy we had to bypass due to the pandemic?!

We will go on our tour again this year. Where to – that’s not clear yet. But we know that we will definitely have travellunch in our luggage again.

We thank Simpert Reiter for supporting our project and we are looking forward to working together in 2021.