In August this year the Gobi March premiered in Mongolia.
It is considered to be one of the 10 toughest races in the world – Tanja Schönenborn and Rafael Fuchsgruber were there.

250km for 230 runners from 40 countries

A stage race over 250km for 230 runners from 40 countries. In 6 stages of 40-70 km per day, the route lead through the steppes of Genghis Khan and the adjacent areas of the Gobi Desert. The race is self-supported. The race organization only provides tents and up to 12 liters of drinking water per day to the participants. The rest is carried by the participants in their backpacks for the duration of the race: Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, safety equipment and of course food for a week.

For many years, travellunch has supported Rafael Fuchsgruber on his worldwide adventures.

travellunch has been my partner for more than 3000 competition kilometers in the deserts of this world. For good reason because I would never make compromises during my races. Taste and benefit in relation to weight is decisive for me.
– Rafael Fuchsgruber

Germany’s most successful desert runner accompanies his new partner

Rafael Fuchsgruber is the most successful desert runner in Germany and accompanied his new life partner Tanja Schönenborn on the run. She really rocked her premiere at an international ultra race. Running directly into the top 5 of the women at the first start and winning the age group are a huge start in this scene.

I am very surprised and equally happy. Everything worked out. As a vegetarian I was a little worried at first, but I was in good hands with travellunch.
– Tanja Schönenborn

Successful and happy at the finish line

An exciting race lies behind the both of them. Meteorological disturbances and storms tormented the participants on the 70km-long stage. At night, thunderstorms came on top, which finally led to the evacuation of the entire race to a sports hall 40km away. Here, the 230 participants and about 100 crew members were kept safe for one day and one night.

In the end, Fuchsgruber was still able to win his age group with a solo run and both of them happily crossed the finish line in Mongolia together.