We stay true to nature.

You can taste it.

Power lies in preservation.

travellunch® is an idea that will always be around: We take the best from nature, carefully process it, and turn it into a wholesome, tasty meal that can be used anywhere. We have been both testing and experimenting for a long time – and we continue to evolve every day. We are the family business Simpert Reiter from Augsburg, which has been specializing in travel provisions for decades.

Our adventure commenced in the 1970s. Back then, the freeze-drying process was first beginning to be used on a large scale for food. NASA, among others, had supplied its space missions with suitably prepared meals. At that same time, Simpert Reiter was specializing in the production of aspic and aspic powder. The company picked up on the trend and developed the first outdoor meals to be prepared by adding boiling water. 

To this day, the freeze-drying method stands the test of time excellently, because it preserves all the important ingredients, the original flavor, and the natural color of the food. Up to 95 per cent of the water contained in the food is removed, which reduces the weight accordingly and means that a single portion bag weighs only 100 to 125 grams. Shelf life is up to five years. 

This is exactly why travellunch® has been so popular for such a long time, be it for athletes or travelers, on expeditions or missions, for breaks or emergencies. We have also continued to improve the packaging. With our stand-up pouch, it is possible to eat the prepared meal directly from the bag, without the need for additional dishes. Now that we have set up an online shop, the meals can also be purchased directly to us. In addition, as outdoor enthusiasts and emergency services are also changing their eating habits, we are currently steadily expanding the range of vegetarian and vegan dishes.