We are happy that we have been able to inspire our regular customers with our numerous menu variations for many years – and every day our “fanbase” is getting bigger and bigger! However, we do not only owe this success to our in-house quality management and development, word of mouth (in the truest sense of the word) also plays a decisive role!

Oliver Blum, for example, is a passionate outdoor sportsman who has already seen many beautiful spots on our planet. He shares most of his experiences with us on his website (which you can explore here). On many of his tours, he also tests different equipment and writes about his experiences with it.

He also took a closer look at travellunch. As we all know, there’s no accounting for taste. But even though our products suited his taste, he individually evaluated all aspects such as handling and consistency in a very neutral way and compiled his findings here.

We are certain that you will like his website. When browsing it you’re sure to find one or two hot tips for equipment and accommodation, and surely his pictures will stir up your wanderlust as much as ours.

Text: Team travellunch

Cover photo: Oliver Blum