The Atlantic crossing on the northern route with our aluminum vessel was quite challenging in many ways.

Preliminary report

“The 1st leg from Quebec City to Halifax/Nova Scotia was freezing cold with ice on deck, beautiful nature, nice and helpful people. Since there was no working plotter on board, we had to make all locations and approaches the old-fashioned way with paper charts – a valuable navigational experience. Fiddling around in our stalactite cave with clammy fingers and wet charts gave us something of an expedition feeling. In the ‘weather kitchen’ of the Labrador Current off Nova Scotia, forecasts are sometimes a matter of luck and instead of the 20kn predicted in the weather report, we had squalls with over 45kn and extremely cold north wind fresh from the Arctic.

Under these stormy conditions we were always happy when we could quickly prepare a tasty, warm travellunch meal and recharge our batteries.

We sailed our 2nd leg from Halifax to Horta/Azores in a respectable 9 days, despite a small 2.5-man crew, as our fellow sailor was struggling with seasickness – standard sailing with a small working jib and mostly reefed mainsail.

The 3rd leg from Ponta Delgada/Azores to Les Sables d`Olonne/Bretagne with experienced fellow sailors felt like home and with a lot of fog, plenty of whales, heavy ship traffic, sea fog and almost always against the wind it wasn’t easy. Blessed be the AIS….

The adventurous trip was a great and educational experience, mentally, in terms of sailing, and due to the demanding ship with a real adrenaline factor. After almost exactly 4000 miles, the ship still has some surprises in store….

This year we have secured a starting position in the world famous Fastnet Race. The dream of many sailors, the starting positions are much sought after and were completely booked in 4min and 37s. The field consists of the crème de la crème in yachting with worldwide participation of yachts from 29 different nations.

Next summer we plan to participate in regattas in the English Channel and start at the ARC Rally, which starts in Las Palmas/Canaries at the end of November and goes all the way to St. Lucia in the Caribbean. This event is also very renowned and we are already curious how we will perform with our fast ship.

Meanwhile, our next year’s regatta plans are ready as well – together with travellunch we will be sailing the following events.

Myth of Malham Race

Start on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Starting in Cowes the route leads along the south coast of England to Eddystone Rock. Then back to the Isle of Wight in the Solent.

Regatta distance approx. 300M

Round Ireland Race

Start on Saturday, June 20, 2020

Anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Ireland with start in Wicklow/SE coast of Ireland.

Very prestigious regatta with international participation and partly potent starter field. Some Class 40 and Big Boats.

Regatta distance approx. 710M

We thank the company Simpert Reiter GmbH for their support with travellunch products.”