travellunch supports development workers “Friends in Nepal”

Partnership with development workers in Nepal

For many years, Tom Stuppner has been in Nepal as development worker. Time and again he packed travellunch packages for his travels because he is always in areas where food is questionable or where there is simply no way of getting a decent meal. From his personal experiences and out of passion he asked travellunch to support his association work at Himalaya Development Aid.

The association is committed to many projects, actively accompanying their implementation – from planning to construction to completion and beyond, e.g. the construction of several schools, the renovation of a medical facility, and the support of an orphanage. In short – the team around Tom Stuppner is personally and financially involved wherever help is urgently needed.

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This enthusiasm immediately infected the travellunch team. Without hesitation they sealed the partnership with the association and brought a package on the road.

“It didn’t take long before I had already received the standard equipment and food, and without further ado I set off again to Nepal and our projects with my family (including a small child of 4 years). With travellunch in my backpack, as always, I embarked on the 3-week deployment and always felt good about being well taken care of when needed.”
Tom Stuppner

Handicrafts, fashion, music, singing bowls, the small and large treasures from the Himalayas are exquisite items from fair trade production, which Tom Stuppner offers in the Nepal Shop  Galerie der Sinne (Gallery of the Senses).
Since he keeps getting requests for holistic supplies for trips to Nepal, Tom Stuppner has decided to include travellunch in his range of products.

Tom Stuppner: “In this sense I am looking forward to a good cooperation and I am extremely happy to have travellunch as our partner.”
We from travellunch are also looking forward to this cooperation and the numerous milestones, development processes, and successes!

You can help as well, actively, or passively – how about sponsoring an orphan for instance? Find out about the many possibilities here!

Photos: Friends for Nepal, Tom Stuppner