On May 19, I went on a motorcycle trip to the Iberian Peninsula for the benefit of childhood cancer research in Cologne. After a long freeway stage through France, the first night in the Pyrenees was fresh but pleasant.

The travellunch food package allowed me to enjoy my breakfast the next day with a magnificent view at 1200m overlooking the Pyrenees.
From there, I continued through the Spanish hinterland in the direction of Portugal.
My goal was to travel as self-sufficiently as possible.
So I mostly pitched my tent far away from towns.
To not always have to buy everything, I had water supplies in the hydration pack and the gas stove in the side case.
The small travellunch food rations are very convenient for this purpose. In this way, I could make myself a warm meal twice a day.

At Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of the European mainland, which was one of the destinations of my trip, and at the southernmost point, Tarifa, I enjoyed the silence and tranquility in the evening and early morning respectively with the travellunch fruit muesli and the travellunch cookies.

From there, I continued partly along the coast via Barcelona to southern France where I preferred a solid bed to the tent, also because of a heavy thunderstorm.
At the Cote d’Azur, however, the weather was wonderful.
Both the Maritime Alps, which are directly adjacent, as well as the coast itself are a wonderful terrain for the motorcycle.
Via Italy through the Aosta Valley and past the south side of the Matterhorn we returned to Germany.

With mixed feelings I completed my trip after 2 weeks and 8146km.

Many thanks to Simpert Reiter GmbH for their support of http://wheels4health.de.